Dryer Vent Box- Renovators / Retrofitting

At Construction Solutions we constantly get questions about whether or not our DBX Dryer Vent Boxes can be retrofitted. The answer is simple, Yes!

Here is a step by step detailed instruction of how to retrofit our DBX1000 or DBX1000M DRYER VENT BOXES:
  1. Cut away the drywall around the 4" dryer vent pipe. Make sure you cut enough away so the studs are visible and so our box will attach to at least one of the studs.** at this time make sure you have no electrical wires or some untypical framing that may prohibit a dryer vent box from being installed or requiring additional labor.

  2. Now you can determine which size wall framing you have in the laundry room. Is it a 2x4 wall or a 2x6 wall? This will help determine which size DBX dryer Vent Box you need.

  3. Remove the 4" dryer duct elbow that was sticking out of the drywall. At this point you may need to cut away or lift the dryer vent duct in order to attach into our dryer vent box.

  4. Attach the dryer vent box to at least one of the studs.

  5. Knockout the appropriate hole to insert the dryer vent pipe.

  6. Insert dryer vent pipe into the dryer vent box ** If you are using our 4" dryer vent box you will need to krimp the end of the pipe so it fits into the oval knockout.

  7. Attach some drywall pieces with drywall screws around the box. 

  8. After the drywall pieces are attached you are now ready to texture the wall. Then you can begin the clean up process and get ready to paint.


  9. Now you can snap in the trim ring, hiding all of the rough edges. No caulking is needed.

  10. Attach you dryer vent hose to your dryer, push the dryer back into place and enjoy the space savings.

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