Dryer Vent Box FAQ's

Why do need a dryer vent box with a snap on trim ring?

The snap on trim ring does the following:

  1. Eliminates the need to caulk around the dryer vent box like other boxes.
  2. Eliminates any drywall repair like other dryer vent boxes.
  3. Matches the washer box in your laundry room.
  4. Saves on time and labor costs.

What exactly does the DBX Dryer Vent boxes accomplish?

The DBX Dryer Vent Boxes are simple, straightforward dryer vent receptacles that install in the wall behind the clothes dryer in the laundry room. The molded cavity provides storage space for dryer flex hose allowing the clothes dryer to be installed right against the wall. The DBX Dryer Vent Boxes also allow for the elimination of bends and kinks in the dryer flex exhaust hose. This improved airflow allows your dryer to work more efficiently (saving on energy costs) and minimizes lint buildup (a well documented fire hazard). How do I order/purchase the DBX Products?

On the store locator page you can enter your zip code which will then pull up the supply houses near you. In case the search turns up no supply house please contact us either by email or phone and we can let you know which way is the best way to obtain the DBX products. You may reach us at 866-270-8240 or visit our Contact us page.

Where do I purchase the DBX Dryer Vent Box Products?

We sell through distribution/wholesalers only. Please contact us to find a location near you. You may reach us at 866-270-8240 or visit our Store locator page

How much are the DBX Dryer Vent Boxes?

The DBX Dryer Vent Boxes are considered by most to be an inexpensive item. The price is set by the wholesaler. The determining factors are your relationship with your supply house and your volume of business. Please contact your local HVAC or Plumbing Supply house for pricing.

What if my supply house does not carry the DBX Dryer Vent Boxes?

If the supply house that you usually buy from does not carry the DBX Dryer Vent Boxes either ask them to call us or please let us know and we will contact them. We are always looking to add new supply houses. Bottom line-we will get you the DBX products one way or another-hassle free! You may reach us at 866-270-8240 or visit our Contact US page

Will the trim ring get lost?

We package the trim rings in a separate box. We consulted with numerous HVAC & Plumbing contractors. They all stated that the trim ring would get lost since it is installed days after the main receptacle is. They all agree that if we packaged the trim rings in a separate box it would resolve any issues.

How many DBX Dryer Vent Boxes come in a carton?

There are a total of 10 main receptacles and 10 trim rings. The trim rings & main receptacles are packaged separately to accommodate the time delay between rough in and trim out.

The International Mechanical Code requires a "cleanout". Does the DBX 1000' or DBX1000M meet this requirement?

The DBX 1000™ and DBX1000M recessed dryer vent receptacle fully satisfies the 2003 International Mechanical Code requirements for a cleanout.

Specifically, Section 504.3 of the International Mechanical Code states: “Vertical riser shall be provided with a means for cleanout”.

To date, inspectors in municipalities across the United States have determined the DBX 1000™ & DBX1000M satisfies this requirement by allowing cleanout of the dryer vent system by accessing the venting duct at the clamp connection from the dryer flexible hose to the dryer.

Moreover, this same approval has been made and applied concerning a number of other dryer vent recess boxes currently in use.

In addition to satisfying both the 2003 International Mechanical and Residential codes pertaining to dyer exhaust, the DBX Dryer Vent Boxes have been shown to increase exhaust efficiency through the elimination of a 90-degree elbow at the bottom of the wall and minimization of kinks in the flexible dryer hose. Both these conditions decrease exhaust air velocity, which directly contributes to lint buildup.

Having thoroughly researched this matter with builders, contactors and engineers, it is the collective, professional opinion that the DBX Dryer Vent Boxes meet the requirements as a cleanout opening for dryer exhaust venting.

 International Mechanical Code             International Residential Code

DBX1000 Dryer Vent Box FAQ's Is the DBX 1000' Dryer Vent Box 1 hour fire rated?

While the DBX 1000™ Dryer Vent Box meets UL Standards for 94 HB Flammability Testing and is recognized by Underwriters Laboratories, it is not suitable for fire walls. Neither is the washer box in the laundry room. Please see our DBX1000M Dryer Vent Box if you require a fire rated dryer vent box.

How many parts does the DBX 1000' Dryer Vent Box have?

The answer is two (2). It has only the main receptacle and a trim ring. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Can the DBX 1000' Dryer Vent Box be painted?

Yes they can! Keep in mind that the DBX1000 Dryer Vent Box  is made out of plastic and the paint may scratch. The DBX 1000™ is also rust proof. This is important to coastal areas where salt water & moisture in the air can rust metal receptacles.

What are the straps used for on the DBX 1000' Dryer Vent Box?

The DBX 1000™ Dryer Vent Box is designed to anchor to two studs in a 16 inch on-center stud cavity (most common configuration). However if the stud cavity happens to be 24 inches on-center or is in any other way is too large, the straps allow for anchoring to the second stud to give the main receptacle the necessary support. This makes the drywall contractor’s job a lot easier and cuts down on possible repair issues.

Can the DBX 1000' Dryer Vent Box be used to direct vent, vent upwards or downwards?

Yes, the DBX 1000™ Dryer Vent Box can be turned or positioned in any position, whether you’re venting up or down, it does not matter. Some other recessed boxes in the market make you buy a separate box for venting up and another box for venting down. We offer two knockouts at the top, which can be turned around to vent downwards. We also have some contractors venting direct by turning the box on its side and adding a 90 degree elbow. The DBX 1000™ Dryer Vent Box also has a knockout in the back for direct venting.

Why should I use the DBX 1000' compared to other recessed receptacles?

The DBX 1000™ has two knockouts, which makes sense since you will either tie off the exhaust vent pipe to either the left or right hand stud. Other receptacles have only one knockout which makes it difficult to line up with the venting. The DBX 1000™ also has straw clamps for the gas line which makes it easy to hold the gas line in place.

The DBX 1000™ can be turned in any direction, whether you’re venting up or down, it does not matter. Some other recessed boxes in the market make you buy a separate box for venting up and another box for venting down. The DBX 1000™ also has a trim ring which gives it a clean look. If you take a serious look at the DBX 1000™ and compare it to any other recessed receptacle in the market today, you will see the DBX 1000™ is in a league all by itself.

I am concerned about the DBX 1000' Dryer Vent Box being plastic, it might break?

The DBX 1000™ Dryer Vent Box is made of High Impact Polystyrene. This is a very durable plastic that can hold up to every contractor’s expectation. We have put the DBX 1000™ Dryer Vent Box through numerous tests and found it is every bit as durable as other similar types of construction products used in your home. (electrical switch boxes, washer connection boxes etc.)

What is the benefit of the DBX1000' Dryer Vent Box to the Builder or a Sub-Contractor?

First, as our literature illustrates, a typical builder will save money by being able to provide an additional net square foot or two of living area. Secondly, the perceptibly larger laundry room will be more appealing to new home buyers. Thirdly, the builder will have less expense associated with drywall repair problems.

When the HVAC or plumbing contractor installs the DBX 1000' Dryer Vent Box at home he eliminates the need for one or more 90 degree elbows. This improves airflow and extends the allowable distance to the exterior exhaust location. Can the DBX 1000' Dryer Vent Box be installed on an exterior wall?

Absolutely! We provide a knockout to allow direct to exterior venting. Be sure you have adequate insulation behind DBX1000™ Dryer Vent Box. If your exterior wall is 2x6 frame construction, you may use any number of readily available “aluminized” insulation products. You may also use our 4” model which allows additional insulating space behind the DBX1000™ Dryer Vent Box. If your exterior wall is 2x4 frame, you may again use any number of available “aluminized” insulation products.

Can the DBX 1000' Dryer Vent Box be installed in a Remodel as a Retro-Fit?

Yes, the DBX 1000™ Dryer Vent Box can be installed in a finished wall. We suggest you contact us at 866-270-8240 and speak to one of our qualified technicians for detailed instructions.

I have a 4' model with oval holes. Do I need a special fitting to connect the flex hose?

No special fitting is necessary for the connection of the dryer flex hose to the oval vent pipe inside the DBX 1000™ Dryer Vent Box cavity. Just gently compress the flex hose pipe to fit over it. Once connected, use a sturdy hose clamp to connect the flex hose to the exhaust vent pipe.

DBX1000M Dryer Vent Box FAQ's What is the DBX1000M Dryer Vent Box made of?

The DBX1000M Dryer Vent Box is a 22 gauge steel that is powder coated with a white scratch resistant coating.

Does the DBX1000M meet a 1 hour firewall requirement?

Update November 2014: The DBX1000M 4 dryer vent box has been approved for a 1 hour firewall by QAI Labs. You now have an easier and less expensive way to install a dryer vent box in a 1 hour fire wall. Please see installation instructions for the proper installation technique.

As of October 2007 the new 1 hour fire wall requirements now require your product to pass both the 1 hour F & T rating. The DBX1000M Dryer Vent Box is UL classified and has been tested and approved by UL in a 1 hour through penetration fire stop system.

The DBX1000M Dryer Vent Box has passed the 1 hour F & T requirements with the help of some fire resistant wrap material developed by 3M.  


Do I need to purchase separate boxes to up vent and down vent?

Absolutely Not! That is the nice thing about the DBX1000M Dryer Vent Box you can use the same box for up venting or down venting.

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